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Trucking Accident

Defective Truck Parts: Pursuing Product Liability Claims

In the intricate mix of factors contributing to trucking accidents, defective truck parts are critical, although often overlooked in the immediate aftermath. For instance, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”) reported that brake-related issues were a factor in 29% of commercial truck accidents. These defects, ranging from faulty brake systems to malfunctioning steering components, can have catastrophic consequences, not only for the truck driver but for all road users.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) has highlighted the severity of this issue, noting that tire failures contribute to over 12,000 commercial vehicle accidents annually. It is important to understand manufacturers’ accountability to pursue product liability claims.

Identifying Defective Truck Parts

When dissecting the cause of trucking accidents, certain components frequently come under scrutiny:

  • Brake Systems: Faulty brakes are a leading cause of commercial truck accidents, emphasizing the need for stringent quality control measures.
  • Tire Failures: Defective tires are implicated in a significant number of accidents, with NHTSA’s data underscoring the importance of regular inspections and maintenance.
  • Steering Mechanisms: The FMCSA’s analysis suggests that steering failures, though less common, pose a severe risk when they do occur, leading to loss of vehicle control.
  • Cargo Securement Devices: Improperly secured cargo can lead to accidents in over 15% of cases involving cargo issues, according to FMCSA regulations.

The Path to Pursuing Product Liability Claims

Pursuing a product liability claim requires meticulous evidence collection and expert analysis. The legal strategy hinges on demonstrating the inherent flaw in the defective part—a complex process that often involves sifting through extensive maintenance records and accident reports.

Navigating the Complexity of Product Liability Claims

The journey through a product liability claim is fraught with challenges. The expertise of legal professionals, combined with thorough investigation and collaboration with automotive engineering experts, is essential. Our firm, Cooper Elliott, is committed to leveraging our deep understanding of product liability laws to advocate for our clients’ rights and secure the justice they deserve.

Defective truck parts represent a significant risk factor in trucking accidents, necessitating diligent scrutiny and accountability. Through pursuing product liability claims, victims not only seek redress for their losses but also contribute to the broader goal of enhancing safety standards within the trucking industry. As champions of victims’ rights, we at Cooper Elliott are committed to holding manufacturers accountable and ensuring that safety is never compromised by negligence.


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