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Brain and spinal cord injuries are among the most devastating injuries a person can experience.  You need a skilled lawyer to protect your rights as you adjust to a new reality. Our law firm has the knowledge and experience to fight for you.

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We understand the lasting effects of your injury.

Spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries are serious injuries that can change the rest of your life. Our lawyers seek compensation that covers the hardships and expenses of your injury, now and in the future.

  • Assault-Related Brain Injury Lawsuits Injury caused by violent shaking or a blow to the head
  • Car Accident TBI Lawsuits Injury caused by an accident involving a car, truck, or another vehicle
  • Defective Product Injury Lawsuits Brain or spinal cord injury caused by a faulty helmet, defective seat belt, failing airbag, or other product.
  • Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Brain or spinal cord injury due to incompetence or negligence, including HIE and anoxic brain injury
  • Policy Brutality Injury Lawsuits Injuries caused by people with authority who abuse their power.
  • Sports-Related TBI Lawsuits Injuries caused by repeated or severe hits to the head, including injuries resulting in CTE
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuits Injury resulting from a car accident or major fall
  • Work-Related Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuits Injury caused by an industrial or other accident at work

We find out what happened and why.

Millions of Americans suffer TBI and spinal cord injuries each year, and we are just beginning to understand the long-term consequences of head injuries in athletes. If you have suffered from any of these serious injuries, it’s vital to have an experienced attorney on your side to fully investigate your claim and find to the true cause of your injury.


Share your story and how your injuries have affected your life at your initial consultation.


We gather information, interview witnesses, and obtain records from police, medical, and other relevant sources.


Accident reconstruction specialists, medical experts, and other professionals explain what happened and why.


You can rely on our experience at every step, from filing court documents to trying your case in front of a jury.


We negotiate medical bills and share resources to help you and your family cope with physical and emotional challenges.


Settlements can include apologies, better safety guidelines, or something that's important to you.


Brain injury case results that speak for themselves.

$2,825,000 Jury Verdict

for college student who suffered hearing loss when beaten outside a campus bar.

$2,700,000 Settlement

for injuries caused by excessive use of force by police officers.

$2,825,000 Jury Verdict

for a brain injury caused by an assault by bar patrons.

$275,000 Jury Verdict

for a mild TBI from a concussion caused by a car accident.

*The outcome of any client’s case will depend on the particular legal and factual circumstances of the case.


Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have questions about whether you have a case or the timing involved with filing a lawsuit for your brain or spinal cord injuries. Here are answers to what many of our clients want to know.

How do I know if I have a case for my traumatic brain injury?

The legal system is complex and difficult to navigate, so the best thing to do is make an appointment to speak with an attorney at our offices. Our law firm has many years of experience helping people who suffer due to someone else's negligence.

At Cooper Elliott, we don't charge hidden fees, and there's no hard sell. We want to hear your story and provide helpful information so you can decide what to do next.

What is the average settlement in a spinal cord or brain injury lawsuit?

Whether your case settles out of court or goes to trial, your attorney will seek compensation for everything you lost as a result of the accident.

Depending on the details of your specific situation, that can include:

Medical expenses, such as ambulance costs, emergency room visits, hospitalization, follow-up doctor visits, physical therapy, medical devices, and changes to your home to make it more accessible.
Property damaged in the accident, such as a car and the items inside it after a collision.
Lost wages from missed work as a result of your injuries.
Lost earnings capacity if you can no longer do the work you did before you were injured.
Physical and emotional pain and suffering
Punitive damages if the responsible party acted intentionally or with gross negligence.

Is it easier to take what the insurance company offers for my injuries?

It may be tempting to take the insurance settlement, especially if you are facing stacks of medical bills and a lack of income to pay them. Or maybe you just want to close this chapter of your life.

It's important not to take insurance money or other payments too quickly. Brain and spinal cord injuries can have lifelong consequences, and you need to make sure the settlement covers your costs over the long term.

Is there a deadline for filing a claim?

Yes, each state has its own rules specifying how long you have to file a claim. The legal term for this is statute of limitations. In Ohio, for example, you have two years to file a personal injury claim.

How much does it cost to hire an attorney for this type of case?

Some law firms change by the hour. Cooper Elliott offers free consultations, and we are paid only if we win your lawsuit or settle your claim out of court. We'll discuss the details with you every step of the way so there are no surprises.

What documents should I bring to the first meeting with a Cooper Elliott lawyer?

You don’t need to bring anything to our first meeting, but if you have documentation that supports your case, please bring it with you. Here are some examples:

Your notes documenting everything you can remember about the accident
Police report
Medical reports that describe your injuries
Medical bills related to the accident that describe treatments and costs
Insurance information of the responsible party
Photos showing damaged property


If you've suffered a brain or spinal cord injury, contact us.

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  • Case Evaluation
  • Filing of Lawsuit
  • Exchange of Information
  • Mediation
  • Trial
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