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Our clients and their cases have been covered by prominent media around the country, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC, Good Morning America, the Associated Press, NPR, and dozens of state and local outlets.

“The entire Cooper Elliott team is exceptional. They have their clients’ best interests at heart - deeply advocating on their behalf, always striving for the best possible outcome. Their attorneys are accessible, professional and empathetic. With Cooper Elliott, you’ll be in great hands.”

Jennifer Moretti

Local and National News Appearances

Young man fatally shot at negligent Sunoco gas station in Columbus

The family of Andrew Combs, who was fatally shot while stopping a robbery at a Columbus gas station, is suing Sunoco for alleged negligence, claiming the company failed to provide adequate security measures. As the legal representation for Combs’ family, we will emphasize Sunoco’s responsibility and aim for justice for Andrew’s untimely death, also seeking financial security for the 7-month-old son Combs was never able to meet.

Family suing Columbus gas station where father-to-be was shot, killed while attempting to stop a robbery Read story
Teen paralyzed in juvenile detention center v. Franklin County employees

Employees of the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center are responsible for the health and safety of the kids in their care, and they failed Damarion Allen. By filing a complaint on behalf of our client, we intend to hold the staff accountable for their actions and to ensure no other child faces lifelong pain and suffering.

JUNE 2023
Estate of Stephen Mehrer v. Walgreens

We represent the Mehrer family, who lost their son Stephen due to a tragic and entirely preventable opioid addiction. After suffering an injury playing high school football, Walgreens dispensed nearly 300 opioid pills to Stephen in a very short period of time, causing Stephen to develop a crippling addition, which ultimately led to his death.

APRIL 2023
Wrongful death victim v. City Paramedics

Our client’s husband was suffering a medical emergency. Our client called 911. The responding paramedics did not properly assess him or take him to the hospital to get him the help and, tragically, he died overnight. We sued the City of Columbus and its paramedics. The City ultimately agreed to settle the case for $1.1 million, one the largest settlements the City has paid for EMS negligence.

Columbus City Council expected to settle 2 separate wrongful death lawsuits totaling $1.7M. Read story
Madison Sparks v. South-Western City School District, et al.

Madison Sparks and her family accused the South-Western City School District of failing to protect Sparks from her teacher’s sexual abuse while she was a student.

South-Western schools accused of not protecting former student from teacher's sexual abuse. Read story
Young boy's severe injury at an improperly maintained restroom in Shelby

While on a school field trip to Seltzer Park in Shelby, Ohio, a 6-year-old had several fingers impaled by a defective hand dryer. We represent the 6-year-old and his family in their suit against Seltzer Park and its contractor for their reckless actions that led to this avoidable tragedy.

Youngster's severe injury at Seltzer Park prompts civil lawsuit. Read story
Fatal assault of Gregory Coleman, Jr. by Columbus security guards

In September 2022, two assailants savagely beat 37-year-old Gregory Coleman to death in front of the bar Julep in the Short North area of Columbus, Ohio. As it turns out, the assailants worked security for Julep and a stable of related bars. On behalf of the Coleman family, we have filed a lawsuit against Julep to hold it accountable for its role in Greg’s tragic death.

Family of man killed in sucker-punch assault in Short North sues accused security guards, bars. Read story
Gregory Coleman family files wrongful death lawsuit. Read story
‘Savage’ Short North beating sees family sue bars for wrongful death. Read story


Our attorneys are sometimes invited to join podcasts across the country to discuss the work that we do. Below are some of our favorite podcast features.
The Family of Eric Cole vs. Springfield Police Department, et al.

We represent the family of Eric Cole, who was hit and killed by a Springfield Police Department cruiser last June 2021.

Family of man fatally hit by police cruiser announces lawsuit. Read story
Fatal police shooting of Donovan Lewis

We represent the family of Donovan Lewis, who was killed by police officers in Columbus, Ohio in late August 2022. Donovan was an unarmed, 20-year-old Black man. Police entered his home in the middle of the night, opened his bedroom door, and shot him in his bed less than one second later.

Moss v. Penn State

We represent Zara Moss, a former fencer at Pennsylvania State University, who was verbally, emotionally, and physically abused by former head fencing coach Wes Glon. Penn State placed Glon on administrative leave following Ms. Moss’s lawsuit, and he has since retired. Ms. Moss reported Glon’s abuse to Penn State Title IX officials during her senior year. Yet as Ms. Moss alleges in her federal lawsuit, the University was deliberately indifferent to the abuse. Sadly, Zara gave up fencing and has been receiving treatment for emotional distress and PTSD.

Penn State fencing head coach placed on administrative leave amid controversy, lawsuit. Read story
Estate of Stone Foltz v. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Estate of Stone Foltz v. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
We represent the Foltz family, who tragically lost their son Stone following a hazing ritual at Bowling Green State University in March 2021. The family has sued the fraternity and scores of individuals who were involved with the Big/Little hazing ritual that led to Stone’s death.

Dion Green v. KCI USA

We represent five families that lost loved ones in the 2019 Oregon District mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. The shooter was able to kill and injure so many people in about 30 seconds by using a 100-round magazine. The families have sued the company that made and distributed the magazine.

MAY 2021
Estate of Bryan Galliher v. Cabela’s

We represented the family of Bryan Galliher, a 21-year-old murdered in 2016. The family sued Cabela’s for illegally selling the black powder gun that killed Bryan. The lawsuit resulted in a seven-figure settlement and led Cabela’s (and its parent company Bass Pro) to institute new policies preventing sales of black powder guns to violent felons, and to stop selling black powder guns online and by phone.

MARCH 2021
Warren Yamarick v. Liberty Township

We represented a township medical director who spoke out against a plan that would have disrupted the township’s EMS services and threatened residents’ safety. When two township trustees behind the plan retaliated against the medical director, we filed a federal lawsuit against them and obtained an order finding that the trustees had violated the medical director’s First Amendment rights.

Liberty Township in Delaware County settles free speech lawsuit for $99,000. Read story
Tyler Perino v. Joshua Plaster

We represent Tyler Perino, who rushed Delta Tau Delta in the Spring of 2019 at Miami University. Shortly after beginning the rush process, Tyler and the other pledges were hazed, which culminated in a Big/Little hazing ritual that involved being beaten with a paddle and forced drug and alcohol ingestion.

Burk v. City of Columbus

When it comes to excessive force by police, even other law enforcement agents can be targets. Jim Burk, a federal agent, is pursuing civil rights claims against the Columbus Police Department.

ATF agent accuses Columbus police officers of excessive force. Read story
Virginia LeFever’s wrongful conviction

Ginny LeFever spent over two decades in prison for a crime she did not commit. She was freed after evidence of fabrication by the government’s key witness, a forensic toxicologist. We represent Ginny in her long fight for wrongful conviction compensation, won her case at the trial court, and are now protecting that victory against the state’s appeal.

JULY 2020
Jenny Reach’s and Bobby Aldridge’s wrongful convictions

In the 1980s, Jenny Reach and Bobby Aldridge were wrongfully convicted of alleged abuse crimes. Their convictions were overturned a decade later after it was discovered that the government concealed evidence that helped show their innocence. After Ohio reformed its wrongful conviction compensation law in 2019, we helped Jenny and Bobby in their lawsuit, and the state ultimately stipulated that the two were wrongfully imprisoned.

Wrongfully convicted Huber Heights man and woman to split $1.9 million. Read story
MAY 2020
James Stewart v. Ross County Jail

Our client James Stewart was severely injured at the Ross County Jail when an officer slammed him to the ground, breaking his neck. The case settled favorably for Mr. Stewart.

Estate of Collin Wiant v. Sigma Pi Fraternity

We represent the Wiant family, who lost their son in a fraternity hazing ritual at Ohio University in November 2018. Collin was subjected to horrific hazing from day one that culminated in his death after the forced ingestion of nitrous oxide.

Estate of Collin Wiant v. Sigma Pi Fraternity

We represent the Wiant family, who lost their son in a fraternity hazing ritual at Ohio University in November 2018. Collin was subjected to horrific hazing from day one that culminated in his death after the forced ingestion of nitrous oxide.

Patrick Baker’s wrongful conviction

Patrick Baker was wrongfully convicted of a robbery based on the actions of a disgraced former Sandusky County Sheriff’s Deputy. Patrick’s conviction was overturned. After that deputy went to prison for his own crimes, we sought compensation for Patrick, and the state ultimately agreed he was wrongfully imprisoned.

O'Connell victim wins his lawsuit. Read story
Keziah Lewis (Ohio State Fair fireball ride malfunction)

When a high-intensity ride failed at the Ohio State Fair in 2017, Keziah Lewis was among the folks severely injured. We represent Keziah in her ongoing effort to hold the people responsible accountable.

MARCH 2017
Jason Hick v. Abbeyhill Realty and Management

Jason Hick worked for a property management group. The company’s owner told Jason to rent their apartment units only to white people, and also to evict current tenants based on their race. After Jason refused and spoke out about this discriminatory conduct, he was fired.

Pilot Flying J Rebate Fraud

We represented several trucking companies against Pilot Flying J, one of the 10 biggest private companies in the United States. Pilot Flying J had perpetrated a massive nationwide fraud, and many high-level executives pled guilty to fraud. During the lawsuit, we forced Pilot’s CEO, Jimmy Haslam, to give sworn testimony about his knowledge of the scheme. The case was resolved favorably for all of our clients.

MAY 2016
Michael and Lacey Faieta v. World Harvest Church

After the Faietas noticed linear marks on their 3-year-old son’s rear end when they picked him up from daycare, they were concerned that he may have been beaten or otherwise abused. They went to the school the following day to speak with teachers, but received no answers and later received a letter from the school (which was operated by a large church) informing them they’d be arrested for trespass if they returned. We filed a lawsuit on their behalf and proved that their son had in fact been beaten, by a parent volunteer who the church never should have allowed to oversee the children. We obtained a jury verdict against the abuser and the church of approximately $6 million.

World Harvest Church loses appeal over insurance coverage in boy's beating. Read story
William Harris v. City of Circleville

William Harris was taken to the Circleville jail after he was pulled over for a traffic violation. At the jail, while William’s hands were cuffed behind him, three white officers brutally took him to the ground without justification. They injured William’s spinal cord in the process and then dragged him by his feet to a cell where they left him on the floor. One of the officers returned to the cell a few hours later and kicked William in the ribs, saying “Looks like we got us a broke n*****.” We sued the City of Circleville and the officers, and obtained a settlement of nearly $3 million.

No Qualified Immunity for Excessive Force at Ohio Jail. Read story
Mopaz Diamonds v. Hyatt Regency

When the owner of Mopaz Diamonds came to Columbus to attend an international jewelry and gemstone convention, he checked into a local hotel and placed nearly $1 million worth of diamonds and jewelry in three of the hotel’s safe deposit boxes. The next morning, he went to retrieve the items and discovered that jewel thieves had looted his three boxes and more than a dozen others used by other convention attendees. We sued the hotel, even though Ohio law generally limits a hotel’s liability to $500 under such circumstances and even though other victims that had suffered millions of dollars in losses had sued the hotel and had been limited to $500. After developing a creative legal theory to get past the Ohio statute, we recovered the full amount of our client’s losses.

Dealer sues in connection with Hyatt diamond heist. Read story

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