Cooper Elliott Law Firm Announces Partnership with the Columbus Crew

August 14, 2023 / Chip Cooper

Cooper Elliott, a Columbus, Ohio law firm specializing in catastrophic injury, is excited to announce it has entered a multiyear agreement to be the exclusive law firm partner of the Columbus Crew

Since the 1990s, both Cooper Elliott and the Crew have been leading teams to victory in their respective fields. As the Official Law Firm Partner of the Columbus Crew, Cooper Elliott is supporting its hometown team by investing in its success today and for years to come.

The Columbus Crew and groundbreaking Field represent the very best of Central Ohio. As a law firm that stands for accountability, action and justice, it is our honor to support a team that also has high standards and a deep sense of community,” said Cooper Elliott co-founder and owner Rex Elliott.

It is great to have Cooper Elliott join our team as they have been long-time supporters of the Crew and Columbus,” said Crew Vice President of Corporate Partnerships Justin Younghans. “Our neighbors in the Arena District share a dedication to excellence and have consistently displayed their commitment to our Club, city and fans, which is exemplified through this partnership.” 

Cooper Elliott’s presence can already be seen on digital displays throughout Field. Next season, the firm will also have static displays including an awning that covers the southeast entrance to the field. 

We’ve entered a new and thrilling era of professional soccer nationwide and right here in Columbus,” said Elliott. “There’s never been a better time to support the Crew. Glory to Columbus!

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