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We hold professionals accountable.

People trust doctors and lawyers with the most important aspects of their lives, and when these professionals don’t do what they should the results can be disastrous.  When they don’t accept responsibility, we help you recover by holding them accountable.

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We identify malpractice.

Negligence by a professional is known as malpractice. For a malpractice claim to succeed, it must have the following characteristics:

Violation of professional standards

Professionals must meet certain minimum standards, often referred to as the "standard of care." To prove malpractice it's necessary to prove the professional violated the standard of care. We do this by hiring top-notch experts.

Injury or loss resulting in considerable damages

Malpractice lawsuits can be emotionally draining and are typically expensive to litigate. Also, many states, including Ohio, have unfairly placed artificial limits on the amount of money malpractice victims can receive for certain types of harms. As a result, in many malpractice cases it doesn't make sense to pursue the claim unless significant harm or death has occurred.

Harm caused by negligence

For a malpractice claim to succeed, it's not enough to prove that the professional violated the standard of care, and that our client suffered serious harm. It's also essential to prove that the malpractice caused the harm.

Malpractice can occur in many different settings:

We step in to get answers.

Our team works tirelessly to uncover why an incident happened and how it could have been prevented.  Then we work with you to find the right solution.

  • Quality experts. We find top experts in the right fields to help us understand where the professional went wrong.
  • Deep client relationships. We form strong relationships with our clients so that we fully know the harm they've suffered and its effect on their lives.
  • Guidance, advice and follow through. We stand with our clients to help them navigate the difficult, often intimidating world of insurance, lawsuits and negotiations to achieve the best possible outcome.

We get results in malpractice cases.

Confidential Settlement

for the family of a woman whose doctor failed to treat her stroke.

Confidential Settlement

for the loss of intellectual property due to a law firm's negligence.

Confidential Settlement

for an immigrant due to negligence by his former immigration attorney.

$641,858 Jury Verdict

for a man wrongly convicted due to attorney malpractice.

$625,000 Settlement

for injuries to a patient caused by inattentive nurses.

$565,000 Settlement

for failure to properly diagnose and treat a patient following coronary bypass surgery.

Confidential Settlement

for the family of a woman who died after an ER doctor and hospital failed to treat her stroke.

Confidential Settlement

for legal malpractice caused by a law firm’s failure to track filing deadlines, leading to the loss of patent rights.

Confidential Settlement

for a client whose criminal conviction was caused by legal malpractice.

Confidential Settlement

for a patient whose doctor's negligence led to a pressure ulcer and amputation.

$1,100,000 Settlement

for shoulder dystocia injury at birth due to the obstetrician's negligence.

$850,000 Settlement

for the family of a woman who a hospital negligently failed to resuscitate.

*The outcome of any client’s case will depend on the particular legal and factual circumstances of the case.

Our Process

What to expect when working with us.

  • 01

    Initial conversation.

    We gather all the necessary information and begin evaluating.

  • 02


    Using the information, we assess the strengths and weaknesses of all possible claims and defenses.

  • 03

    Filing the lawsuit.

    This starts the formal litigation process.

  • 04

    Exchange of information.

    This is called the discovery phase and includes exchange of information and documents, and testimony under oath.

  • 05


    Oftentimes the parties will attempt to resolve the case by using a neutral third-party to help bring the sides together.

  • 06


    If mediation or negotiations are unsuccessful, the next stop is the courthouse.

We're here to help.

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