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Pursuing personal injury or wrongful death litigation in Ohio after a trucking accident or semi crash can be overwhelming for victims and their families.

The process is different than in standard motor-vehicle cases—the foundation is the same, but the significant differences require additional attention to detail and care that Cooper Elliott is well-equipped to provide.

Our experienced Ohio-based attorneys approach trucking accident cases with care because we understand too well how a victim’s long-term quality of life hangs in the balance and is determined by the outcome.

How are Trucking Accident Cases Different from Car-Crash Cases in Ohio?

Because of the size and weight of the vehicle, trucking accidents may involve more serious injuries and more deaths than a case involving two standard-sized automobiles.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, of the 415,000 reported crashes involving large trucks in 2020, 1% were fatal crashes and 24 percent% were injury crashes.

In car-on-car crash cases, attorneys search for evidence that proves driver negligence. Semi crash cases start on similar footing but require much deeper examination and research.

Here are some of the differences in Ohio truck accidents:

  1. Truck drivers and trucking companies are required to follow stringent legal requirements in order to operate. That means more documents and electronic data create added complexity to the discovery phase.
  2. Trucking cases may involve negligence or responsibility at a corporate level, not just an individual level. Truck crash attorneys need to have the skill and diligence to know which questions to ask and which documents and data to look for to identify the corporate problems that lead to crashes.
  3. Trucking accidents are more likely to result in serious injuries and fatalities. In order to provide adequate justice and support for the victims, attorneys often must use expert witnesses to recognize and build a case for long-term damages.

Employing Knowledge of Nationwide Safety Regulations

At Cooper Elliott, we are committed to uncovering every stone in your personal injury or wrongful death truck crash case in Ohio.

It is vital for successful trucking cases that each of our attorneys know and understand the statutes and regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – as well as diligently locate and obtain key information as soon as possible.

Because each trucking case is different, these accidents cannot be pursued with a cookie-cutter approach.

Our trucking accident attorneys investigate how the truck driver may have contributed to the accident, but we also go beyond the failure of individual drivers to discover whether the company itself overlooked safety regulations and contributed to the accident.

Although truck drivers are subject to the same general traffic laws as non-commercial civilian drivers (obeying stoplights, following speed limits, using headlights, etc.), they have additional requirements, such as detailed maintenance logs and a limited number of hours they can drive without taking a break. These safety regulations can become a huge part of trucking lawsuits.

Lasting Changes After Personal Injury Cases Hold Corporations Accountable

Because corporate oversight is a public safety issue, we look for trends within the trucking company’s accident history when we take a case.

Here’s an example:

If a trucking accident occurs because of a blown tire, a record of when the tires were last checked, per safety requirements, should be available. This evidence may show that a required check wasn’t completed.

We work hard on behalf of our clients to discover if the accident resulted from a chance blown tire or if the blown tire is a symptom of a larger issue, such as the trucking company’s negligent attitude toward safety. 

We investigate, based on safety regulations, any oversight at a corporate level. 

Sometimes we discover that the trucking company’s problems are present in similar crashes, injuries, and fatalities within local communities or even across the country. 

Proving negligence or a safety problem at the company level can influence procedures, corporate culture, and even affect policy for a safer driving environment.

It helps achieve what many of our clients want most: to hold people and companies accountable, and to make sure that this negligence never hurts anyone else.

Contact Cooper Elliott Ohio Trucking Accident Attorneys Today

At Cooper Elliott, we’re working for change and safer driving for all.

Our attorneys work with top industry experts who provide respected insight for your case. These detailed analyses help the jury, the defendant, and the defendant’s insurance company understand medical care based on the plaintiff’s injuries. In most cases, plaintiffs only get one chance to prove their needs, and whether a case goes to a jury or ends in a settlement, this is their opportunity to seek coverage for short and long-term medical expenses.

In a perfect world, trucking negligence wouldn’t exist. But when someone is killed or seriously injured in a truck crash, we fight to support the rights of the people and families affected. In addition to helping our clients, we hope that our cases lead to accountability and changes that improve trucking safety for the entire community. Give us a call—we’re here to help.