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There are tens of thousands of vehicle accidents on Ohio roads every year – and unfortunately, many of these accidents lead to serious, life-changing injuries or even death

Tragically, our State experienced this recently when a multi-vehicle crash occurred on I-70W in Licking County.

In the face of such tragedy, it is crucial to seek justice and support for those effected. At Cooper Elliott, we pride ourselves on being advocates for justice and healing. With a proven track record of representing victims in complex cases, our team stands ready to provide legal support and compassionate guidance to those affected by these types of devastating crashes.

Multi-Vehicle Bus Crash on I-70W in Licking County

The bus crash on Interstate 70 Westbound in Licking County claimed the lives of six individuals and left many others injured. The collision involved a charter bus, a tractor-trailer, another commercial vehicle, and two passenger vehicles, resulting in a fiery and multi-vehicle catastrophe.

Among the victims were three students from Tuscarawas Valley Local Schools and three adults accompanying them. 

The entire community now heads into the holidays facing the heart-wrenching aftermath of this devastating incident.

Important Elements Brought to Light By These Types of Tragic Accidents

Our team of car and vehicle accident attorneys at Cooper Elliott strive to educate and inform others on what to do should they or a loved one experience a similar tragedy.

Some critical aspects that this devastating incident underscores include:

1. Complexities of Liability Determination:

Multi-vehicle collisions often introduce intricate challenges when it comes to establishing liability. Determining which party or parties are responsible for the crash requires a thorough investigation, especially when numerous vehicles are involved. 

2. Importance of Legal Representation:

In the aftermath of a multi-vehicle crash, seeking legal representation is paramount. Victims and their families are faced with navigating a maze of legal procedures, insurance claims, and potential lawsuits. Having a skilled personal injury attorney on their side ensures that their rights are protected, and they have an advocate fighting for their interests against potentially formidable opposition.

3. Pursuing Maximum Compensation:

The aftermath of a multi-vehicle accident often leaves victims with extensive physical, emotional, and financial burdens. Pursuing maximum compensation becomes a crucial aspect of the recovery process. Our role as accident lawyers is to advocate for our clients, ensuring that they receive fair and just compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages resulting from the accident.

4. Addressing Long-Term Consequences:

Multi-vehicle crashes can have long-term consequences for victims, ranging from chronic injuries to psychological trauma. At Cooper Elliott, we understand the importance of addressing not only immediate damages but also anticipating and accounting for long-term consequences. Our goal is to secure settlements and verdicts that provide comprehensive support for our clients throughout their recovery journey.

5. Advocacy for Policy and Safety Changes:

Beyond individual cases, our perspective prompts us to advocate for broader changes that can enhance road safety in Ohio. Analyzing patterns and contributing factors in multi-vehicle accidents, we actively engage in discussions around policy improvements, increased safety measures, and legal reforms that can prevent similar tragedies in the future.

How Cooper Elliott Can Help 

When facing the aftermath of a tragic incident like the I-70W bus crash, choosing the right legal representation is crucial. 

At Cooper Elliott, our commitment to justice, compassion, and excellence sets us apart:

  • Proven Track Record: With a history of successful cases and satisfied clients, Cooper Elliott has a proven track record in Ohio accident cases. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and litigators, dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.
  • Compassionate Approach: We understand the emotional toll that tragic events can take on individuals and families. Our compassionate approach ensures that clients receive not only legal support but also the empathy and understanding they need during challenging times.
  • Experience in Complex Cases: The complexities of multi-vehicle accidents require a legal team with experience in handling intricate cases. Cooper Elliott’s attorneys have time and time again navigated the complexities of such cases effectively.

Contact Cooper Elliott Accident Attorneys Today

As the community mourns the loss of lives during the I-70W bus crash and supports the survivors, our team at Cooper Elliott extends our sympathies and our support. If you or your loved ones have been affected by this tragic incident or a similar accident, do not hesitate to reach out for legal assistance. Together, we can seek justice, hold responsible parties accountable, and work towards healing. Contact Cooper Elliott today.