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Judge Willett’s Opinion and the “Catch” to Qualified Immunity

Civil Rights| November 20, 2018

We’ve talked before about the doctrine of qualified immunity: what it is, the scope and boundaries of its application, and how, at times, it can serve as an impediment to genuine justice. It’s important for us as civil rights attorneys to keep up on cases where qualified immunity plays a major role in legal decisions. …

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Excessive Force Victim Denied Constitutional Right to Access Courts

Civil RightsPersonal Injury| October 30, 2018

As civil rights attorneys, we pay close attention to important cases and rulings that highlight flaws in the legal system. We also pay attention when courts set precedent that shows promise of improvement. We’ve addressed the potential dangers posed by the Qualified Immunity Doctrine. It’s just one facet of the legal system that government actors …

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Botulism Outbreak Leads to Need for Civil Litigation

Personal InjuryWrongful Death| October 11, 2018

The decision to sue after personal injury sometimes involves a complex internal struggle. Even when the damage is obvious, and the negligence and responsibility are reasonably clear, victims may still face questions about whether civil litigation is the right path to take. What should one do when negligence leads to a life-long debilitation? And how …

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Overcoming Uninsured/Underinsured Insurance Complexities and Legal Malpractice

Legal Malpractice| July 5, 2018

For Robyn*, it was one spirit-crushing event after another: first, a traffic accident left her with tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt and physical scars she would carry with her for the rest of her life; then, soon after, the passing of her husband. Because the motorist who struck her car was uninsured, …

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Restoring a Young Girl’s Future After a Disfiguring Dog Attack

Client SuccessesPersonal Injury| July 2, 2018

One family’s holiday get-together quickly turned into an emergency situation when a visitor’s dog attacked a young girl. It’s something that could happen anytime a dog is around an unfamiliar child—that much is easy enough to understand. What’s not so simple in a child injury or personal injury case, is determining how to assess the …

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One School’s Negligence Perpetuates Teacher Misconduct

Client SuccessesPersonal Injury| June 14, 2018

As Ohio civil litigation attorneys representing injured children, we have learned that “injury” has many different forms. Sometimes wounds are obvious—in other cases, the pain is emotional and less obvious, but no less damaging to young victims. This is especially true where parental or teacher misconduct is involved. Sometimes, the mental and emotional damage caused …

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Honor and Redemption for a Wounded Deputy Sheriff

For Individuals| December 8, 2015

Law-enforcement personnel are our line of protection against crime and misconduct. They’re tough, self-reliant, and trained to handle a variety of difficult situations. But when it comes to seeking justice in the legal system, police need representation just like the rest of us. Transferring a dangerous prisoner Katherine Thompson* was a dedicated deputy who had …

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